Who We Are

We are a small group of believers in, and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who live in Jacksonville, Florida.

We believe Jesus to be the Son of God. He was born of a virgin, crucified on a cross, raised from the dead by the power of God, and forty days later ascended back into the heavens from whence he came.

We would be considered to be Christians, but would prefer to be called believers, followers or disciples of Christ. We are not “members” of any Christian denomination or religious institution. We believe there is one church in the city of Jacksonville, Fl. all true believers are members of that church.  We may assemble in various places but we belong to the same Lord and are members of His body, which is the church.

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “power of God unto salvation to all those who believe, to the Jew first, and then to the Gentiles”.  We believe there is “no other name under heaven (other than Jesus Christ), whereby men must be saved.”

Our desire for this site is to be able to preach and teach this gospel. First to the unbeliever, that he might come to faith in Christ. And secondly, to those of us who have already believed that we might all continue to grow in the grace of knowledge of Him.

Hopefully we will build a spirit of community and fellowship among the believers in this city that will span denominational and independent affiliations. Our feeling is that this site belongs to the Lord and His body in the city.  Although he has given us a certain stewardship over it, we desire that others will contribute to it, and so it’s effectiveness will be increased. We will seriously consider any suggestions or complaints, and are willing to change as the Lord directs.

Just like us, this site is a work in progress which hopefully will mature day by day to more effectively promote the will of God for his church in this city.

We are not a non-profit organization and seek no financial gain from this site. The “treasure” we seek is to see the Lord Jesus glorified in and by his church. “Freely we have received, and freely we give” what the Lord has given us and encourage others to do the same.

Please pray that this site will advance the kingdom of God in our city according to his purposes and by the power of his Spirit.